Linda Jensen 12/04/2020

My husband and I went on our first of what will be many “Happy” trips to the Galápagos Islands. The trip exceeded my expectations. The “Happy” vibe permeated the entire experience and Robert has so much to do with it as it starts from the top and trickles down to everyone. All of our accommodations were wonderful, clean, local, charming and staffed with such friendly people who truly loved having us there. We loved our guides and not only learned from them, but became friends with them. It’s so nice to be able to go what I call, “deep local” and really experience such a magical place as the Galápagos. So many destinations are westernized these days....this refreshing trip reminded me of why I love to travel and how very “Happy” it makes me. Robert, thank you for spreading your infectious happiness and love of travel.
We can’t wait until our next trip.

Gigi Hughes 11/29/2020

I have been on many trips, & nothing comes close to the fun and laughter I had with this one. Ecuador does a great job with COVID19 precautions, & made me feel safe traveling. Our hotel hosts were warm and accommodating. Our guides Danny and Jorge were enthusiastic to share their love of the Galápagos Islands with facts and entertaining stories complete with sound effects. I was fortunate to be with an energetic, spontaneous, playful group. At the dance floor, a restaurant, or on the bus there was always something fun and funny going on, and nothing stopped this group from bursting into singing. Robert took care of the details, big and small. I don’t bike and I appreciate him for attempting to rent a tandem bike so I wouldn’t be left behind. Since none were available, he had a guide accompany me to snorkel instead. Robert, thank you for putting together an amazing trip!

Tina Montgomery 11/28/2020

I just returned from my first Happy trip (Galapagos) and am completely hooked! If you like to laugh, have fun, be active and adventurous while you travel, then you must try a Happy trip! Our guides, Danny and Jorge, were so knowledgable, helpful, fun, and relaxed. Every transition was perfectly timed and seamlessly orchestrated whether we were traveling by van, bus, boat, ferry, foot, plane or bike so that my only job was to relax and enjoy experiencing all the Galapagos has to offer without a worry or care. The mix of activities was ideal--snorkeling, hiking, biking, walking, eating, drinking, dancing. I loved all the family-run hotels we stayed in and also felt like there was just the right mix of time together with the full group and alone/couple/small group time in the evenings. I was wondering what it would feel like to travel during Covid and happy to report that I felt safer on this trip than I do at home! Robert, thanks again for the amazing trip!

Michelle and Michael Deal

Happy Tour,
Happy People
What a vacation! Truly, a bucket list vacation. It was the most active vacation I've ever experienced. We traveled several times up to 12,500 feet, we took six planes, two trains and numerous vans. We hiked 10 hours, 13 miles one day. An experience of a lifetime. We want to sincerely thank Robert and his travel agency "You Can't Steal my Happy". Check him out on Facebook if you would like to travel with him in the future, I know we will! We made some wonderful new friends for life. Could not have asked for a nicer group of people to experience Peru with.

Mark Fridell 09/23/2017

Happy In Machu Picchu
Just want to say that our Machu Picchu experience was fantastic! Everything worked. I thought the pacing was good; we were able to see and do a lot in a short time while not trying to overdo it. Cynthia was a great leader; enthusiastic, taking care of details, letting us know what was coming up next. Freddie, Sandro, Claudio and the other Peru contingent were amazing; very information on what we saw and visited and they were personable and lots of fun to be with. My wife and I very much look forward to traveling again with You Can't steal My Happy. Mark & Barbara Fridell

Julie Miles 09/26/2017

Life Changing!
10 hours later and I'm HOME!!! This was my 1st international trip I did alone all while living out of a backpack for 8 days. I feel very accomplished and ready to take on whatever adventure I can get my hands on next. I met some wonderful people and learned so much. Thanks to Robert Hearn and his company #youcantstealmyhappy for organizing the whole trip. Check him out, you won't regret it

Lynda Niemiec 04/07/2018

Happy For Life
Absolutely amazing! I have now been on three Happy trips, Ireland,Colombia and Croatia....Each and every trip have been beyond my expectations! The guides, itinerary and the friends I have made will forever change ones life. I AM SOO BLESSED!THANKS TO ROB AND ALL INVOLVED❤️

Scott Mc Canles

Fantastic Experience in Cambodia!!
Hello, my name is Scott and I am about to tell you what a Fantastic Experience I was fortunate to enjoy in Cambodia with "You Can't Steal My Happy." This was my first trip with this organization. I decided to arrive 2 days early to become fimilar with my surroundings. Upon arrival, I noticed that Robert Hearn had already checked in and sent him a text to let him know, I was there. We had never met and decided to meet for breakfast in the morning. We met and arter introductions, we talked and talked about ourselves to establish a foundation pertaining to our past, present and our future. As our conversation progressed, I realized we would become life long Friends, as we shared many of the same goals. I was really going to enjoy this adventure! As the tour progressed, I was amazed at how Robert had indeed done his research and provided a service which was exactly what I had hoped for my first experience in Cambodia and "Happy in Cambodia" I highly recommend Robert and his company to anyone who wishes to travel without the hassle of planning your next vacation. I am already planning to be a part of the Belize trip in Oct. Happy Travels!!!!!!! Sincerely, Scott Mc Canle

Marita DeSimone

I just wanted to say how much Pat and I enjoyed our Happy in Victoria Falls trip (Sept. 15-21) and the hospitality at the Nhkosi Livingstone Lodge! Kathy and Sonile did a fantastic job of providing all of us with an adventure-filled itinerary, comfortable accommodations, and supportive communication when we had any question or concern. Honestly, we couldn't have asked for more! This was our first YCSMH trip, and we are looking forward to more. Thank you: Rob, Bailey, and YCSMH!!

Randi & Pat

We just got back from our Machu Picchu trip. As you know it was beyond fantastico!! Omg! I loved every single minute. Sandro, Saul and their local crew…. OMG!!! Beyond beyond amazing! They were so fun, so Knowledable , such hard hard working guides, carrying all our stuff, carrying our lunches up the Inca trail, always so helpful, so everything! I think I fell in love with Sandro!! Omg! Lol. And Miss Becky!! She was sooo good too! So calm and so sweet and so helpful. She was awesome ! So thank you for all you do cuz I would have not gone without your organized trip.


Loved this trip & your company. Impressed with Bailey, Ryane & Bentony & all support staff & guides.

Well run, no hiccups & loved all the good surprises as the trip built each day better & better!

I’ve traveled with several other travel groups for over 20 years & loved the smaller group size. Great job!

I’ll be watching for other trips with your company & have already referred friends.

Beverly Boatright

Seriously, if you don't like meeting new people, laughing until you cry, dancing the night away, hanging out with the locals and creating some amazing memories and having experiences that you thought you would never have, then....STAY HOME AND WATCH TV!! These trips are not for you!! Robert always delivers a stress-free, fun, relaxed and unforgettable trip. Your spirit will be filled and your mind will be opened. I have made friends that I know will be life-long and enjoyed learning about different cultures and sharing experiences that I would never be able to find through TripAdvisor! Robert and his crew take you on an unforgettable journey! I look forward to my Happy Trips and can't wait to take another one!!


Happy happy happy!!
Fun fun fun fun fun!! You know you're having it and suddenly realize how easy it is because Robert has taken care of ALL the details; small and large and you have nothing to do but have more fun! Professional doesn't begin to describe this group. I can't say enough about the breadth and intimacy of each experience I've shared with him and the groups of fantastic people...you know who I'm talkin about...that know exactly what I mean. My wife and I will travel with this man and group as long as we are healthy enough to go...or somebody pushes our wheelchairs.

Gina McCartney

Robert has the most amazing trips. I have already signed up for another one. I can't say enough good things about YOU CAN'T STEAL MY HAPPY! If you want to have fun and lots of laughs plus awesome memories... Go for it!


Amazing Happy Trips!
I cannot say enough good things about Robert and his trips! I have been on four Happy trips and each one was unique, well planned out, accommodations clean, and comfortable. If you like less typical tourist and more unique adventurous travel then this is for you! These trips are geared for fun and no drama! Robert thinks of everything. Everything is taken care of but he leaves you plenty of down time to do your own thing. I can't wait to go on more trips!!!!!

Kimberly Massengale

Guatever! The best trip!
I had an amazing trip to Guatemala! Thank you Rob for everything! I will absolutely be going back! Also, just try and stop me from coming with you again! 🙂

Jerry M. Casas

The happiest bunch EVER!
Robert Hearn is the best! He exemplifies everything about his group and his products. I own just about all his t-shirts and love every single one of them. The design, material and the message are all 100% quality. I hope to some day make it on one of his trips. That will be the icing on the cake. KEEP ON KEEPING ON MY FRIEND. Like Robert says: "DON'T LET ANYBODY STEAL YOUR HAPPY" I've pretty much lived by those words since he 1st started his mission


Hooked on happy
People who do great things have a passion. Rob, I believe has found his passion. Well thought out,organized tour to Costa Rica. Our first tour with Rob,but for sure, not the last! The people,hotel,food, and recreation was not to be out done. Looking forward to our next adventure with Rob and friends cause we are....hooked on happy!


My Happy Remained Safe & Sound in Belize
Went on the inaugural Belize Happy Halloween Tour this past October and had an absolute blast. The Tour was a perfect balance of activity, exploration, comradery, & relaxation making a few days in Belize seem like a week. It was awesome to donate supplies to the local Day Nursery in Ambergis Caye to be able to give back to community too. Thanks again Rob for an awesome time...can't wait until I can go on the next adventure!


So Happy to have found Happy!
I can not even begin to say enough as to how fantastic both Rob and his tours are! I had always wanted to travel to SE Asia and see the one and only Angkor Wat, but never knew where to begin in planning--enter Rob and his Happy in Cambodia trip! I had the absolute time of my life, seeing this incredible country and experiencing it all with such a fabulous group. Rob himself is such a personable and fun guy, it's no wonder that his trips exude the same feeling. There was so much more that he had planned for us, that I'm sure had I gone on my own, I would have never even known to look into (the Cambodian circus, lunch at the amazing restaurant with a heart, Haven, and swimming in waterfalls just to name a few!). Not to mention our wonderful hotel, which was a gem of Siem Reap--I already miss my daily breakfast there! I truly can not wait for the next opportunity I will have to go on another one of these trips--such a great deal with such awesome people! Do yourself the favor, and sign up and explore the world with this Happy group, you won't regret it!! Looking forward to where I will go next! Bring on Jordan/Petra Rob 😉


Can't waait to go on another trip.
Loved the trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. The group was casual, the events planned with nice pacing. It was nice to have plenty of time for our own outings and explorations. I hope to join Robert on another adventure in the future. You won't go wrong in joining any of his trips.

Patrick Temborius

I went on Rob's first trip ever to Thailand and another to Belize with a third trip in the plans for Vietnam. That should speak for itself. Rob plans vacations that create a lifetime worth of memories that are also easy on the wallet. Rob is also entertaining, one helluva guy and very attentive to your every need. Can't wait till Vietnam and don't forget your coming to our wedding!!!

John & Dianne

I was extremely impressed with the Galapagos Islands trip. Ryane our Happy guide, Danny and Jorge were very adept at performing their leadership roles. Dianne and I felt most comfortable throughout our touring with the group. As you know, we’ve already booked another trip in late August, so confidence in your team is evident in our participation. Thanks for a great trip.

Tammy & Steve

Tammy and I would like to take a moment to thank you for all of your patience and help as you shepherd us through our trip to Egypt. Tammy and I had a wonderful time learning about Egypt and her people, culture, and way of life. We both are richer for the experience! Again thanks for everything and we look forward to our next "Happy" trip!