Our Story


You Can’t Steal My Happy was founded in 2012 with the mission to provide authentic and adventurous experiences around the globe, give back to the communities we visit, and build an inspirational brand.

Robert Hearn – CEO


My name is Robert, and I am one happy dude! Having travelled to 90 plus countries I discovered long ago that a smile is the same in every language. My brand, You Can’t Steal My Happy, was conceived in 2011 when I was visiting in the US Virgin Islands. While waiting to catch a ferry from St John to St. Thomas, I was treated to some island drama. A local had just been evicted from his home and he decided to let everyone know just how he felt about it. Using a black can of spray paint, he graffitied “You Can Steal My House, But You Can’t Steal My Happy” on the building. I certainly don’t condone this behavior, but his message struck me as very powerful. I decided at that moment, I would remind everyone that they have 100% control over their happy- no person, situation, or thing can steal it!

The images on my apparel will hopefully inspire you to get out in play in this world that I call my playground. If you are up for some adventure then join us on a life changing happy tour to one of our exciting destinations. I hope you will join the “You Can’t Steal My Happy” movement by showing the world your smile.

Bailey Marquis – COO


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My exploits across 30+ countries have led me from paragliding in Switzerland, trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, saying yes to a marriage proposal at the Trevi Fountain, sleeping in igloos under the northern lights in Finland, snorkeling with dolphins in the open ocean off the coast of Hawaii, yachting the Croatian coast, and so much more. I truly believe in the power and magic of travel and that is why, in 2018, I started curating vacations for clients. By 2020, I was designated one of “30 Under 30 Top Travel Agents in the US and Canada” by Travel Agent Magazine. I now work with You Can’t’ Steal My Happy to curate one-of-a-kind trips with unique travel styles and vision around the world. I will continue to create your next adventures using my expertise and travel contacts across the globe. I will worry about the details and let you focus on the magic of travel.